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Well, it’s officiall. I’ve shut down R2-Limited.

Thank you to all of my hundreds of customers. It was really fun to hand-make all of the center caps, keychains decals and stripes for you guys. It really was. I just don’t have the time or energy to keep it up any more. My main business has grown in the past year and it occupies more of my time than it used to. So something had to give.

Fortunately, R2-Limited products will live on! You can already buy my stripes at GarageStar.com¬†and my center caps and keychains will be available from another purveyor of handmade Roadster goodies soon. (More like…eventually.) The Facebook page will live on – probably taken over by GarageStar. For now I’m still keeping tabs on it.

So what will become of this website? At the moment it’s a horrendous mess. I will likely turn it back into a simple blog where I will post photos and build updates on my cars, Rooster and The Don. It’ll be a while, though, before I have time to dedicate to getting it ship-shape.

Thanks again for letting me make my tiny mark on the Miata world. It was fun!